1. the meaning behind my url: zayn
  2. weakness: zayn
  3. why I love my best friend: zayn
  4. last time I cried and why: zayn
  5. piercings I have: zayn
  6. favorite band/s: zayn
  7. biggest turn off: not zayn
  8. tattoos I want: zayn
  9. biggest turn on: zayn
  10. age: zayn
  11. ideas of a perfect date: zayn
  12. life goal(s): zayn
  13. piercings I want: zayn
  14. relationship status: zayn
  15. favourite movie: zayn
  16. phobia: people who arent zayn
  17. name: zayn

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do u have some of those friends where u cant even remember how u became friends u just suddenly were friends

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Is he like light weight? None of them even flinch